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Arabian Crane Services works together with many manufacturers of Wireline Trucks, We provide wide range variety of wireline equipments inlcuding Mast, Skid , Trailer and Truck units for both slickline, e-line and logging. We also design the wire line cabin, fabricate the drums and chassis and do any other customer-requested modifications to the unit. We give and serve what customers want. But on our part we analyze, suggest and offer the finest spareparts and best service that each lifting equiment need. 

Fell free to contact us for further informations or have a look in our wireline equipment list. If you need spareparts it's just a one click away.



Custom E-line Truck Manufacturing


Technical Specifications


Body: High Insulated Cabin

          2 Separate Hydraulic Drive Air Condition


Truck: HINO 1521 Series 500


Winch: Split Drum 5/16" - 7/32" 


Hydraulic: Powerpack Perkins Engine

                   Hydraulic Close Loop system direct drive electric control


Measuring System: Benchmark Wireline "Mako" Slickline/Braidedline measuring system




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 Custom E-line-Slickline combination with National Crane 600E2 Series


   Technical Specifications 


Body:  High Insulated Cabin

                                2 Hydraulic drive Air condition


Truck: Renault Kerax 380.35, 6 x 4

   Crane - National Crane (600E2 series)